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World Barista Champion in 2011

Alejandro Mendez invites you to the world of coffee.

Brand Story
In 2011 World Barista Championship which is the Olympics for baristas in the world, Alejandro Mendez from El Salvador of South America, the producer of coffee took first place, which broke a tradition that U.S.A or European baristas won.
Alejandro has repeated tough training to select coffee beans and brew coffee every day for 4 years to find the best flavor of coffee since he had worked as barista. With this know-how, he won the World Barista Championship to gain high grades from judges with new flavor of coffee. ‘World Barista Alejandro’ brand is the only coffee brand made by Alejandro Mendez and Mcnulty in Korea.
Enjoy the best coffee recommended by World Barista Champion.
Introduction of Products
Coffee Journey of Alejandro
This product is a whole bean brewed coffee blended with selected coffee beans from each continent to enjoy the essence of coffees for each continent like coffee journey.

Choice of Alejandro
This is an ice coffee with ices in hot summer and you can enjoy Americano Sweet / Hazelnut / Green Bean Americano.

Alejandro Signature Blend
We provide a brewed coffee blended by a special recipe of Alejandro in whole bean / ground coffee type. Enjoy the world of coffee guaranteed by Alejandro.

Coffee Study of Alejandro
You can enjoy a brewed coffee with rich flavor in coffee bag for your convenience. You can study various coffees from square tea bag, triangle tea bag to hand-drip coffee with Alejandro.