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We provide various services for coffee specialists,

differentiated cafes and academy service..

Mcnulty Coffee Factory
Mcnulty Coffee Factory is specialized roastery café in the concept of urban vintage differentiated from other roastery cafés.
Mcnulty Coffee Factory proposes new standards in the café market which is getting similar by increase of large coffee franchises and suggest a competitive model in café market only full of low-price coffee and premium coffee. We have differentiated interior design and provide fresh and good coffee to roast fresh coffee bean every day. Coffee lovers can enjoy various flavors of coffee with brewing service using various brewing devices. You can enjoy various kinds of coffees from specialty coffee from various producers in the world and Mcnulty’s own blended coffees.
Enjoy advanced café of Mcnulty, No. 1 in Korean coffee bean industry
Mcnulty Coffee Academy
Korea Mcnulty has led Korean coffee bean market with know-hows for last 20 years and was listed on KOSDAQ on Dec. 23rd, which was the first case in Korean coffee industry.
In 2015, we opened Mcnulty Coffee Academy to train coffee specialists with our know-hows and our efforts for development and maturity of Korean coffee culture for the last 20 years. We provide all training courses from barista course to start-up supporting course and we also have various customized courses including hobby class as well as specialized café opening course. We provide the best training courses with various curriculums, the latest coffee learning center and specialized instructors for people who want practical experiences of coffee. Your dream of specialized barista will come true in Mcnulty Coffee Academy.