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Coffee with Happiness
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Mcnulty represents the coffee beans.

Deliver happiness with good coffee.

Brand Story
“Coffee with Happiness”is a brand representative coffee brand of Mcnulty Coffee with the history of Korea Mcnulty. Product package with golden zipper bag and famous paintings brought a new sensation in Korean coffee market at the time of launching and its deep flavor and scent of coffee is popular among coffee lovers. Various product series from blue mountain blend to hazelnut scent are very popular, which is the most popular Mcnulty brand.
Introduction of Products
225g / 500g / 1kg Ground Coffee
This is a ground coffee you can enjoy easily in house and office and it has three varieties of coffee, blue mountain, hazelnut and mocha blend.

226g / 500g / 1kg Whole Bean Coffee
This is fresh and tasty whole bean coffee such as blending coffee, decaffeinated coffee and single origin coffee.