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Korea Mcnulty has the largest market share of Korea brewed coffee

Hidden Pearl of Coffee Market
Since 1993 when Mcnulty has tried to introduce new coffee culture in Korea, we have led Korean brewed coffee industry for last 20 years.
Not only our brewed coffee, but also many products which are developed in easy-drinking type with original flavor of coffee bean are popular among coffee lovers and now we are No.1 company which has the biggest market share in brewed coffee market after many challenges and developments.
All about Coffee
Mcnulty Coffee provides all products and services about coffee from fresh beans to products.
We are sourcing over 100 kinds of fresh beans from about 30 countries with the networks of coffee producers and trading companies in the world and we produce good coffee with fresh beans. You can learn everything about coffee from Mcnulty, such as whole bean/ ground coffee bean, hand-drip coffee, instant coffee.
New Standards of Coffee Industry
Korea Mcnulty is leading Korean coffee bean industry and was listed on KOSDAQ on Dec. 23rd, 2015 which was the first in Korean coffee industry. In 2013, we obtained HACCP Certificate in all fields of coffee based on structured system and clean business place and we have a technology to keep coffee fresh longer with nitrogen filling packing. In 2014, we won a prize for Good Design of hand-drip coffee and in 2016 we were ranked No. 1 of Korean customer satisfaction index. Now we are making new standards of coffee industry.