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The World of Coffee from Various Producers

Deliver Deep Flavor and Scent of Coffee For Each Producer

Brand Story
Origin which means a ‘beginning” or ‘root’ is a premium coffee brand of Mcnulty containing only single origin coffee from each producer in the world. Mcnulty Coffee is sourcing over 100 kinds of fresh beans from about 30 countries and providing coffee with featured flavor of each producer as the Origin brand. Enjoy unique and various coffees of each producer from specialty to premium and commercial coffees with Origin.
Introduction of Products
100g / 200g / 300g / 500g Whole Bean, Ground Coffee
Various coffee producers from Brazil of South America, the continent of coffee, Ethiopia of Africa, Kenya, Indonesia of Asia to North and Central America. Enjoy whole bean / ground coffee of world-wide coffee producers with Origin.

Hand-drip Coffee
This product is designed to enjoy single origin brewed coffee at anytime from anywhere with a hand-drip filter. Enjoy six kinds of representative coffees for each continent; Brazil / Colombia / Ethiopia / Guatemala / Indonesia / Kenya.