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Mcnulty Pharmaceuticals, a Leading Company to Developing Shape of New Medicines

We aim at health and happiness of people.

Establishing Total Solution from Medicine Research to Production
Mcnulty Pharmaceuticals thinks of people’s health and studies, develops and produces good-quality medicines for healthy and beautiful life. We obtained the anti-allergic sustained release pharmaceutical patent and produce the single pellet anti-allergic complex only in Korea. And we supply them to many Korean pharmaceutical companies in OEM method. We have many patents emission control pharmaceuticals and etc. and produces medicines and medical supplies in new facilities completed in 2014.
Differentiated CMO Service
We provides CMO service of permission and product production of consignor in the most effective and economic ways to develop new medicines required by customers, establish production process, control quality and provide permission documents and etc. in new KGMP factory completed in 2014.
We provide a wide range of business services in partnership with various Korean pharmaceutical companies based on R&D of promising generic items, DDS, carrier development and etc.
Possessing Specialized Shape & Medicine Capacity
Mcnulty Pharmaceuticals is contributing to Korean pharmaceutical market with differentiated technologies such as granules products with improved taking way of existing suspension products, the minimized pretreatment products for colonoscopy which only requires 1 liter compared with 4 liter of dosage and more in the past and product to improve existing refinery products in pellet shape.