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Introduction of Mcnulty      
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is the first companylisted on in Koreancoffee industry

Introduction of Mcnulty
Korea Mcnulty Co., Ltd. is the first company listed on KOSDAQ in Korean coffee industry and has realized everything about coffee not only coffee product production and distribution but also restaurant and education business for last 20 years.
We are aiming at Total Healthcare Company by developing pharmaceutical business and health food business based on know-hows for many years and new technologies.

Since 1993, Korea Mcnulty has introduced the coffee culture in Korea where no one knows about coffee, Korea Mcnulty has been a witness of development of Korean brewed coffee industry for twenty years.

Not only our brewed coffee, but also many products which are developed in easy-drinking type with original flavor of coffee bean are popular among coffee lovers and now we are No.1 company which has the biggest market share in brewed coffee market after many challenges and developments.

In 2006, Korea Mcnulty which always has faced new challenges launched Pharmaceutical Business Department to produce good medicine and medical supplies for beautiful and health life.

We are aiming to be a total health care company which heals mental and physical disease by producing good coffee products to heal your minds and medicine and medical supplies to cure disease.
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