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-196℃ extremely low temperature extra fine grinding technology

You can enjoy the flavor and scent of raw material fully.

Brand Story
IBrew which means “made by you” is Korea Mcnulty’s new brand for the next generation to preverve flavor and nutrients fully with convenience to drink. This is easy and comfortable product to carry and drink with full flavors and nutrients in a stick containing extra fine original materials at 196 degree below zero.
From tea products including coffee, green tea and black tea to health foods using super foods, you can enjoy ‘IBrew” with natural flavors and nutrients.
Introduction of Products
Instant brewed coffee “IBrew” with full flavor and scent of coffee including 9% of fine coffee powder and 5% of fine coffee bean powder
Yirgacheffe Blend: Coffee with flavor and scent of fragrant Yirgacheffe coffee bean
Kenya AA Blend: Coffee with proper sour flavor and slightly bitter scent of berries
Hazelnut Scent: Coffee with sweet hazelnut scent which Koreans love the most
Green Bean Blend: The first green bean blend in Korea including fresh coffee bean powder for losing weight

Healthy nature found at 196 degree below zero “IBrew T” Stick type product including various healthy original materials
Early Green Tea: Containing soft young leaves with nutrients of green tea fully
Earl Grey Black Tea: Earl Grey Tea with bergamot scent
Super Berry Tea: Containing flavors and nutrients of super berries, gifts of god