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We will be a global companyto providehealth and values.

Innovation and Challenge
In 1997, Korea Mcnulty established a corporation to modernize Korean brewed coffee industry based on challenge and pioneer spirit and started to improve many things.
Mcnulty is evolving and keeps challenging from the coffee to heal human sensitivity and pharmaceutics to cure physical body to health functional food for future health.

Only Mcnulty has C.M.G.T technology based on coffee know-hows for last 20 years, differentiated technology of Pharmaceutical Business Department and New Business Department in Korea.
As Korean coffee culture is reaching maturity, coffee market is growing rapidly and recently the demands for medicines and health functional foods are increasing in aging society.

Korea Mcnulty will achieve our vision to contribute to our society based on competitive products of various departments, strong executive power and driving force.
All executives and employees of Mcnulty will make efforts to be a company which gives hope and dream to executives and employees, differentiated products and services to customers and better values to stockholders.