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We will make new marketwith newand differentiated Technology

found in 196 degree below zero.

Full of Natural Health in Non-heating Method
We have C.M.G.T technology to improves preservation, solvency and dispersion force of nutrients of original materials with FD (Freeze Drying) technology to freeze original materials quickly and keep its nutrients fully and extremely low temperature extra fine grinding technology.
C.M.G.T is a technology to freeze original material at 196 degree below zero and grind into fine powder which can be applied to various products. Korea market which Korean population is aging and becoming single-member household needs a product in new paradigm. Korea Mcnulty develops innovative products which break stereotypes such as medicine, health functional food and etc. in consideration of people’s health with coffee and food through C.M.G.T technology to be a total health food company.
New Standards of Complete Food
Korea Mcnulty is releasing and developing various products with C.M.G.T technology. We launched “IBrew T” products to provide a brand new product platform using raw materials such as fresh coffee bean, green tea, berries, fruits, green vegetable juice as well as launching “IBrew Instant Coffee” including fine coffee bean powder.
Furthermore, Korea Mcnulty suggest new standards of whole foods with full flavor and nutrients from health functional food using raw materials such as ginseng/ fresh ginseng to oriental medicinal functional foods for the elderly and women.